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Naked Cleaners London and Nude Cleaning Services with Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU"
About Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU"

An entertaining spin on domestic cleaning services with the UKs best naked cleaners and nude cleaning team.

Why choose us? Because it's easier, faster and more direct

Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" has been providing booking services for freelance naked cleaners now for over 4 years. With a team of freelancers available (see our TalentHub), you are able to book anywhere across the UK, where our cleaners are situated.

Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" began under a different company name approximately 5 years ago, and changed to the "FOR YOU" services branding to ensure our clients recognise that our naked cleaners are always thinking of you, our client.

When the team started Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" in 2019, we aimed to create only a safe and secure environment for both our naked cleaners and clients. The idea was to have complete transparency across the FAQs and expectations of clients. Today we believe we have done that.

We only accept clients who treat our service providers with the utmost of respect for the daring and entertaining work that they provide. Subscribe today to be able to book your cleaners through our TalentHub. You need an Invitation Code from us.



Our History

The Better Way To Do Naked Cleaning

Nude Cleaning UK London, Manchester and more
2018 - 2023

Our Most Exciting Years

Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” is a London based domestic cleaning service which operates through all of the United Kingdom. It was established in 2019 and we have been developing our network and team rapidly. We focus on providing entertaining naked and nude (and also fully clothed) cleaning services to the whole of the United Kingdom, throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We are expanding the team of service providers to ensure we are able to list a more diverse team of cleaners who you may select from.

If you wish to book a naked cleaner please find your closest city or town, choose your cleaner, please subscribe to be able to access our list of naked cleaners.

To Join and Become a Naked Cleaner

To join our team and provide your services to our great client base, please join our team here >.

Our Team of Naked Cleaners

Our team consists of honest and well-trained people who enjoy providing a unique and entertaining spin on traditional domestic cleaning tasks.
Our cleaners recognise that they are first and foremost cleaners, and must be able to undertake light and basic cleaning activities at your place, as required when they are on assignment with Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU”. We take security seriously to ensure your home and the safety of the cleaner is of focus.

Your Home Security

We have a policy that you the client must take reasonable care to ensure the safety of valuable personal belongings and important artefacts / items in your home.

Servicing all towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom. See all of our lovely female cleaners available here.